Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Museum of African Art - something different

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Museum of Museum of African Art is unique in many ways. It is one of the few museums that are working on Mondays, it is located in the most luxurious residential area in Belgrade, and it is the only museum in the region of South East Europe completely dedicated to the African art and culture.

Muzej afričke umetnosti (Originalno (detalj, izgled))Museum has its permanent display contains artifacts from the traditional societies of various ethnic groups from West Africa, which are sorted by material type and geographic origin. From objects for everyday use, musical instruments, decorations, to objects used in rituals, they are all breathtaking and beautiful, with striking simplicity, yet vivid appearance. Even barn doors are works of art, with carved motifs of women, or animals. Masks are various, and depending on their purpose, they are varying from very simple small masks, to more than one meter high 'sculptures'. One thing is common for all exhibits in this museum: it clearly shows the connection and love of those people with nature and everything originating from it - that is something that we have forgotten, living in big concrete cities.

Muzej afričke umetnosti (Okolina)There is one more other thing that makes this museum so special: it has a beautiful and very spacious courtyard, where during the summer period museum organizes various events – concerts, various performances, bazaars… I always love to attend that kind of events, where you can enjoy different culture with all senses – to see beautiful handicrafts, paintings, and artworks, to smell and taste the food, to hear the music. On those days the museum is crowded with people.

Apart from those occasional special events, museum organizes thematic exhibitions, lectures, film and video screenings, art and music workshops, so it is good to check their web site occasionally.

Muzej afričke umetnosti (Originalno (detalj, izgled))The entrance fee is symbolic (about 1 €), but still, there are no many visitors, maybe because it is completely out of the way from all cultural and other social focal points. However, it is quite near to House of Flowers and museum 25 May, so if you are going there, consider visiting this unique museum, as well – it is worth the time you'll spend there. Also from there, you can continue to Konak Kneza Miloša, which is just down the hill, in the same Topčider area. 

Muzej afričke umetnosti (Detalj)


TheTravelAngel said...

Europe's a great place for a travel destination, may it be a honeymoon, a trip or a family vacation. Anyways, African arts were great. Have seen lots of African artwork in flickr and I can say, those were fantastic.

:-) John

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