Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring has come to Belgrade!

Friday, March 26, 2010
Everything is blooming, even attractions are blooming. This spring will be full of events, so prepare yourself. 

Every spring the Belgrade Zoo - Vrt Dobre Nade - welcomes many newborn cubs, and you can see them in "Baby Zoo", after a nice walk in Kalemegdan (fortress founded by Celts), where you can also visit Church Ružica, Chapel of St. Petka and Military Museum (with impressive collection of medieval arms and  knights' gear).

Belgrade is celebrating 'Belgrade Days' from 16th - 19th April and many cultural events will be held on different locations. The Slav name "Belgrade" was first recorded on April 16th 878 in a letter from Pope John 8th to Bulgarian knez Boris and on 19th April 1867, Belgrade was officially at liberty after almost 350 years of Turkish occupation. 

After feeding your soul, you will need some exercise, so don't miss the XXIII International Belgrade Marathon is on  18 April. Kraljevski Beli Dvor opens its gates for visitors in April, until October, so you can enjoy beauties of the Royal Court, but be sure to reserve your ticket in advance.

Cafes and restaurants are opening their terraces and you can sit back and relax in the shade (or sun) while watching people passing by in Skadarlija, or Strahinjića Bana, or you can chill out and watch river from many cafes on the water in Ada Ciganlija or Sava river. 

In April Belgrade Hippodrome opens the season with regular Sunday's races, where ladies will wear their best hats - not quite as in Ascot, but worth seeing.

Orthodox Easter is on April 3rd - join us for eggs breaking contest and many other joyful events celebrating this sacred Holliday.

May starts with different attractions: on May 4th, just after the Labor's Day, and on 25 May (former Youth Day) many tourists from all around the world come to visit Kuća Cveća, to honor the former Yugoslav president, Josip Broz Tito. Other, merrier event is 'Fantasy Wedding', collective wedding ceremony in front of Stari Dvor, first time organized during NATO bombing in 1999, and became the tradition. Museum Night starts on 15 May. From May 21 - 23 you can see  Svibor International Knight's tournament in Kalemegdan.

June starts with Spasovdan (5th June), Belgrade slava (day of St. protector of the city), and you can watch the holy procession on the streets of Belgrade.