Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More photos of Belgrade Airport

Wednesday, July 8, 2009
Here are some more photos of Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport.


This is a photo of Departures at Terminal 2. Departures are located at the 1st floor.

One of cafes at the 1st floor, where you can wait for your flight.

Ground floor of the Terminal 2. Terminal 1 is connected and it is located in the background of this photo. From this part you can go either up (Departures), or down (Arrivals).


This is the first thing you see when you arrive - pretty much ugly, isn't it? If judging by this view, one could think that Belgrade is the ugliest town on earth. But it's not, trust me.
The corridor leads to parking lot.

And when you get out of the building, here's the scenery - yuck! And remember what I've told you about taxis - do not bargain, check the price for luggage and insist on taximeter! If any of this fails, try to look for Policemen, they're always somewhere around.

This is the JAT's bus station. As you can see, there's no timetable. Good luck!
For the public transportation, you have to go up one level. If you decide to use this option, I wish you even more luck.

And, when you finally grab your transportation, whatever it might be, this is the way you'll leave the airport. WELCOME TO BELGRADE! :o)


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