Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My mission :o)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009
What I would like to do here is to present Belgrade to people that haven't been here. Most of my posts will be dedicated to places in my hometown, and I hope you'll like it.

I'll try to show Belgrade as it is - beautiful and fun.

Hope you'll like it. All comments are more than welcome.


Karl said...

What you have done so far is amazing. For sure, your blog is (among) the best blog about Belgrade I've read so far.

merkat said...

Thank you, Karl! I'm glad that you like it. There's more to come ;o)

Karl said...

I will put a blog post next week discussing your Belgrade Hostels post over at www.ambassador" . Could you provide us with more information about you.. Age, work, etc.
(few lines). Our email is on our Blooger profil, or post information directly at our site (see contact).

Karl Haudbourg
Ambassador of Serbia to the world

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